Chapter Four

08.04.2017 2:43 am

Chapter One: The Aquarius That Broke My Heart
Chapter Two: The Cancer That Excited Me
Chapter Three: The Gemini I left behind

Chapter Four: The Pisces That Never Speaks

Need I say more.

Your silence cuts me like a blade. You’re a dream that I can’t turn into a reality. You’ve done nothing and thats exactly what broke me a little. I come back together, piece by piece, and fall apart again and again, but each time the pieces are always hidden somewhere else.

Even in my sleep I can’t escape the thought of you. Summer is ending and I won’t have any excuses to talk to you from day to day.

I’m such a fool, a fool for not speaking. A fool for allowing you to charm me. A fool for thinking there was a chance. A fool for even writing about you.

I can’t wait to move on, to get you out of my head, and to forget this ever happened. You’ll move forward, never understanding the spiral of emotions I went through.

—but maybe that’s the beauty of this. I felt something. I felt a lot of things.

While you felt nothing.


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